Real Life. No Filters.

There is no denying that wedding photography has become more clever and creative over the years however, timeless truths and raw emotions are harder to find in many portfolios today.

Some of the most appreciated photographers were artists obsessed with life, with humanity. Photography was a means to self-discovery for them, not the end. Through my years of education in various Canadian art institutions, I felt that journey to self-discovery ultimately made me a better person and could better understand the world around me more intimately. I believe that this is what’s missing from the wedding photography industry today and this is what I strive to achieve; a better understanding of the world around us, in hopes for a more intimate peek into the emotions brought forth on the wedding day of a bride and groom.

My goal is to focus less on clever, staged images and more about how the bride’s mother suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion after seeing her little girl in her wedding gown for the first time. About how the groom can’t help but squeeze his bride’s hand a little tighter to provide support while she expresses her thanks to the family and friends who came to share this special day with them. I want to focus on you, your family and real life moments, not on off-camera lighting or what the latest Photoshop filters can do.

Meet the Team

It's just the two of us, Renata & Korado.
We take care of everything from the initial meeting, to your engagement photos, your wedding, editing, and designing your custom wedding album.


Renata Percic

Assistant & Second Photographer


Korado Percic

Main Photographer